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Rusty Wheel Farm's Berkshire Pig products include custom butchered whole and half pigs; sausage, bacon and ham; weaner pigs, breeding stock and more.

Sausage, Bacon & Ham

Sausage holds a special place in our hearts. Everyone has an affection for sausage and a longing for the type of sausage that they remember from childhood. We are proud of the variety of authentic sausages we offer. We love them all and know you will too.

A smoky, spicy all pork sausage that is a Cajun favorite! This zesty sausage is marinated in white wine, onion, garlic and cayenne. Add to jambalaya or gumbo for a sensational Cajun experience.

Our Oktoberfest sausage makes a nice addition to any Octoberfest celebration, or any time of the year. This sausage is one of our favorites; available in original or spicy.

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