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Rusty Wheel Farm's Berkshire Pig products include custom butchered whole and half pigs; sausage, bacon and ham; weaner pigs, breeding stock and more.

Berkshire Pork Family Pack Price Sheet

You can order at the Bremerton or Kingston Farmers Markets, online or by calling us @ 253-722-8351. Please call and sign up for pick up dates 1 week ahead. We’ll confirm your delivery date within 2 days of your ordering.

Quan.  Desc.   Approx. Weight
4   Pork Chops   4.0
2-3   Pork Roasts   9.0
1-2   Spare Ribs  3.0
2   Sweet Italian Sausage Bulk  2.0
2   Hot Italian Sausage 2.0
(Bulk or Links)
1   Andouille Sausage Links  1.5
1   Oktoberfest Sausage Links 1.5
(Regular or Spicy)
1  Sage Sausage Bulk  1.0
2   Breakfast Sausage Bulk  2.0
1  Maple Breakfast Sausage Links   1.0
2  Bacon   2.0
1  Spanish Chorizo Bulk  1.0

Total: 30 lbs $210.00... Read More

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