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Rusty Wheel Farm's Berkshire Pig products include custom butchered whole and half pigs; sausage, bacon and ham; weaner pigs, breeding stock and more.

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Buy a Live Berkshire Pig

We have sows farrowing year round so piglets are generally available. Spring piglets are in high demand so you will want to reserve your piglet early.

At Rusty Wheel Farm we put our animals first. The health and welfare of our pigs is our main concern. All of our pigs have access to the outdoors year-round and are fed non-GMO feed and organic produce from our garden.

We raise pure-bred Berkshire pigs in a natural environment the slow, old-fashioned way without antibiotics, chemicals or hormones. Animal welfare is our top priority. We never dock tails or clip teeth.

Weaner Pigs

If you would like to raise your own pig, contact us to reserve your piglet.
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Custom Butchered Whole and Half Pigs

We are now taking orders for spring, 2017. To order, please call 253-722-8351 or Contact Us for more information.

Download the Rusty Wheel Pork Cut Sheet and Order Form

We sell our 100% Berkshire hogs, whole or by the half, based on hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the animal has been eviscerated. Typically our animals are raised until they are 7-9 months old and weigh 250 pounds. This will yield a ca... Read More

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Sausage, Bacon & Ham

Sausage holds a special place in our hearts. Everyone has an affection for sausage and a longing for the type of sausage that they remember from childhood. We are proud of the variety of authentic sausages we offer. We love them all and know you will too.

Andouilles (Andui)
A smoky, spicy all pork sausage that is a Cajun favorite! This zesty sausage is marinated in white wine, onion, garlic and cayenne. Add to jambalaya or gumbo for a sensational Cajun experience.

Coarsely ground Portuguese pork sausage made with wine vinegar, paprika, garlic and a blend special seasonings giving it a tangy mild taste. Try Linquica as a pizza topping, in your favorite pasta sauce or any o... Read More

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Berkshire Pork Family Pack Price Sheet

You can order at the Bremerton or Kingston Farmers Markets, online or by calling us @ 253-722-8351. Please call and sign up for pick up dates 1 week ahead. We’ll confirm your delivery date within 2 days of your ordering.

Quan.  Desc.   Approx. Weight
4   Pork Chops   4.0
2-3   Pork Roasts   9.0
1-2   Spare Ribs  3.0
2   Sweet Italian Sausage Bulk  2.0
2   Hot Italian Sausage 2.0
(Bulk or Links)
1   Andouille Sausage Links  1.5
1   Oktoberfest Sausage Links 1.5
(Regular or Spicy)
1  Sage Sausage Bulk  1.0
2   Breakfast Sausage Bulk  2.0
1  Maple Breakfast Sausage Links   1.0
2  Bacon   2.0
1  Spanish Chorizo Bulk  1.0

Total: 30 lbs $210.00... Read More

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Price Sheet For Individual Pork Cuts

Pricing for individual pork cuts coming soon.

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